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At Worthington National Bank, we are proud of our experienced, customer-focused team. And we operate under the strong belief that if we treat our employees right, they’ll treat our customers right. You can reach any representative via their direct phone number listed below, or click on their name to learn more and find their email address.

Corporate and Operations

Greg Morse, CEO 817.303.5901

Matthew Steward, President / CLO 817.303.6060

Jo Lynn Dobie, Executive Vice President/CFO 817.303.1220

Sammie Slocum, Senior Vice President, Operations 817.303.5911

Maureen Higham, Vice President, Compliance 817.303.1219 

Joy Pratt, Operations Officer Customer Service 817-303.1221

Donna Quick, Assistant Vice President - Operations - Customer Service 817.303.1218 

Mollie Lowery, Accounting & Operations 817.303.1223

Fort Worth/Sundance Square Office

Cee Yager, President – Fort Worth 817.303.1205

Dan Mocio, Executive Vice President – Loans 817.303.1217

Keith Larance, Vice President – Loans 817.303.1204

Lucas Sawyer, Vice President 817.303.1207

Dolores Offner, Loan Administration Officer 817.303.1202

Gena Attebery, Loan Administration 817-303-1201

Lina Lekic, Financial Services 817-303-1211

Samantha Douglas, FInancial Services 817.303.1211

Brent McClanahan, Financial Services 817.303.1210

Arlington Main Street Office

Michael Jarrett, President - Arlington 817.303.6064

Don Proctor, Vice President - Arlington 817.303.6075

Bobby Clark, Senior Vice President - Loans 817.303.6065

Cindy Hjerpe, Assistant Vice President - Financial Services 817.303.6068

Brenda Via, Loan Administration Officer 817.303.5904

Gena Douglas, Loan Administration Officer 817.303.6063

Callie Tyson, Financial Services 817-303-5900

Arlington Border Street Office 

Laura Jordan, Teller Supervisor 817.303.5900

Jordan Williams, Financial Services 817.303.5908

Kim Wheeler, Financial Services 817-303-1234

Brooke Fincher, Financial Services 817-303-6070 

Colleyville Office

Gary Price, President – Colleyville 817.656.6201

Justin Coon, Vice President - Commercial Banking 817.656.6212 

Pam Oringderff, Loan Administration Officer 817.656.6204

Betty Wallace, Financial Services 817.656.6216 

Jonathan Trumphour, Financial Services 817.656.6207

Laura Salinas, Financial Services 817.656.6208

Loan Operations

Sabrina Rundlett, Assistant Vice President 817.303.6075 

Michelle Thompson, Loan Operations Officer 817.303.5900  

Monica Owens, Loan Operations 817.303.5904

Kimberly Krick, Loan Operations 817.303.5900

If you would like to join this team, please visit our Careers page.

It is important to Worthington National Bank that we keep our customers' confidential account information secure. Information sent over the Internet may not be secure, therefore we request that you do not include any sensitive information in your e-mail communication to us. If you are submitting any information that should be kept confidential, please contact us via telephone, postal mail or in person.