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Remote Capture Services for Business

panini scanner transparent mask.pngWorthington National Bank offers a unique Remote Deposit Capture Service. It’s perfect for those businesses that have a lot of check deposits and/or would enjoy the convenience of no longer needing to get to the bank before it closes to make a deposit. You can scan your checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote Capture uses a bank-provided scanner that allows customers to send images of their checks to our bank, making it faster, easier and more convenient to make deposits.

When they do the math, many of our Remote Deposit Capture customers claim the scanner pays for itself. When you compute the reduced time in deposit preparation (you no longer have to fill out deposit tickets, the system does that automatically when you scan) and the gas and environmental impact you save driving, and your or your employee's actual drive time, not to mention, in some cases faster availability of your deposit. It all adds up to a great business decision.